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Clues For Sven vs. The Movies

Hello ladies and gents, today I’m attempting to yet again promote my sister blog, Sven vs. The Movies. I recently came up with the idea of dropping hints for upcoming reviews through the use of cryptic hints. I already posted a whole bunch of clues up on Twitter (@SvenBTPF) and I’m going to repost them here for the hell of it.

“Brother and sister team up to complain about media misrepresentation, Monica meets her husband”

“From a distant nation, Jennifer Lopez should be ashamed of herself”

“Oh, you’re a scientist in Eastern Europe? YOU GET NOTHING!”

“One constant throughout the years, and that’s the fact you always work with Paul Newman”

“The Asian Clint Eastwood, a bit more strange”

“Starting a new writing project near a place with a lot of hanging lanterns”

The first of these clues was answered today with my posting of my Scream review, which relates to the first clue. The explanation is this:

The brother and sister complaining about media misrepresentation are actually Michael & Janet Jackson, in their duet “Scream”, which of course shares a name with the film I was hinting at. I toyed with the idea of mentioning how the music video is the most expensive ever made, but I chose not to.

To help steer people in the right direction, I added the bit about Monica meeting her husband. “Monica” is a reference to Monica Geller, a character in the TV show Friends, who is, of course, played by Courtney Cox. Cox was in Scream, along with David Arquette, who she would eventually go on to marry (I even mention this in my review, since their on-screen chemistry was strangely awful)

The other reviews are still on their way, so I won’t be giving answers to those clues just yet. But I will post back here, as well as on Twitter, with the answers as the reviews go up. Have fun guessing!

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