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General Update 09-01-2013

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! Gosh, it’s 2013 already and we survived the Mayan prophecy. How amazing. Anyway, I’m back again with an update of what I’ve been up to, what I’m getting up to and what I plan to get up to with both this blog and with my other projects.

First off, I’ve been in America for the past few weeks, and I’ll hopefully be making a few posts about all that very soon, including my thoughts on The Hobbit, which I saw while I was over there. No, I didn’t go to America just to see a film. That would be silly. But I saw it while there, and so it seems suitable to offer some views on it.

Speaking of movies, Sven vs. The Movies was updating while I away, since I’d deliberately completed a whole bunch of reviews. My Christmas review this year was Babe, which I’d picked since there was a distinct lack of Christmas movies in the 1001 Movies You Must See book. However, that seemed a suitable family film for the season, particularly as there are scenes set at Christmas and all.

Fantasia was also deliberately picked for New Year since Disney World has a tendency to put on a big Fantasia-themed show every New Year and figured that reviewing a fairly simple film would be good immediately following a night where people worldwide are getting very drunk.

Sven vs. The Movies is going to see some improvement over the coming months, I hope. I’m no longer watching and writing reviews on the fly like I used to, and my little push to get films out over Christmas showed me the benefits of forward planning. So I have planned out what’s happening over the next couple of months, and I aim to be very specific with what films I post.

Now, there has been a small gap in my update schedule, since the last two scheduled days (last Thursday and yesterday) didn’t get an update. The reason for Thursday was enjoying myself too much in America and forgetting to update (oops), and yesterday was due to a spanner being thrown in the works (already!) and me running round to try and figure out what to do. So what’s happening now?

Well, tomorrow is getting the review that should have been posted last Thursday. As usual, I’m not going to say what it is, since I never do, but to narrow it down, it’s another silent movie and one that’s had a huge amount of influence on an entire genre of film. Pretty exciting, yeah?

Next week will see two films which I have on DVD right next to me as I write this. The first is a French movie from the nineties and the other is another animated movie. There has been a very family-friendly theme going on lately, I know (although Avatar was pushing it), and this particular animated movie won’t help, but the French movie will significantly change that, I believe. It has some sexy stuff and some gory stuff from what I hear.

The following week I’ll be posting reviews in honour of Australia Day and India’s Republic Day with films from those respective countries (or at least from directors from those countries…), and I also have films planned for Chinese New Year (yes, it’s a Chinese film, how’d you guess?) and Valentine’s Day. I missed Valentine’s Day last year, regrettably, and ended up posting my review of Inception since I didn’t think to get a romance movie ready (the perils of no forward planning!), so this year will be corrected. I’m also planning an Irish movie for St Patrick’s Day. Basically, I’m going all out on themed reviews this year, so keep an eye out for that.

I’ve got all films planned for January and February, and I’ll be dropping hints on here as I go along. I may also offer some more thoughts on the reviewing process here and there just to make things more interesting, although all non-review posts will be over here on The Cheap Ferret.

In terms of my novel project, I’ve completed the second drafts of both and I’m now steadily going through them to figure out how I can seriously flesh them out. In both cases, they’re basically meandering plot vehicles with limited characterisation and description, and even some downright terrible attempts of moving the plot forward that make little sense.

But that’s the point now. Got to figure out where those major issues are and boost them into something genuinely good. After all, I want to be able to write something I’m proud of and I’m happy to release onto an unsuspecting public.

Whenever that will be.

But my ultimate aim is to keep this blog updated more regularly. I’ll be using it as a dumping ground for basically anything I can think of. Mini-reviews that don’t fit into Sven vs. The Movies, thoughts, progress updates on writing, whatever I can bloody well think of.

All this while simultaneously working on some other non-writing projects too. See you around!

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