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Changes To The Cheap Ferret

Hello everyone, here at The Cheap Ferret(TM) we aim to provide you with the best content we possibly provide, and quite frankly, we don’t believe we have been. Updates have been sporadic at best and, let’s face it, the blog has no real purpose or direction.

Well, time to change all that!

Yes, I’ve decided that it’s time to make this blog better, and turn it into something people from all over the world will want to read. Not just because I’m making them read it, but because they want to. And to do that, I need to decide what to achieve with my entries.

Here’s what’s happening. On Mondays, there’ll be a news post. This news post will be about a story from the last week that’s caught my eye, where I will offer up my opinions and generally make the news into something fun to read about. Consider it similar to a news column in that respect. I decided on Monday for this because Monday just seems like a news day.

On Wednesdays, I shall be indulging my love of gaming with you all, and it’ll be a day to talk about whatever’s on my mind in regards to games I’m playing or things happening in the gaming world right now. Like the news post, I aim to make it fun to read, something to make the gamers in my audience laugh, and still keep it accessible to those who don’t play games. In theory.

And on Friday, it’ll be time to turn my attention to the original purpose of the blog – to showcase my abilities as a writer and share both the fun and pain of writing with the world. Posts on this day will include updates on my progress to get out there as a freelance writer, but also looking back on my influences and some of the terrible stuff I wrote as a child/teenager. I may even bring up some events in my life that helped shape my decision to become a writer. But don’t worry! This won’t be some self-indulgent exercise in seriousness. Again, this will be a way of taking my experiences and making them entertaining for others.

So, as you can probably tell, the focus is on comedy and fun over anything super serious. I’ve written a few serious posts on here in the past, and there will absolutely be a place for those should the need arise, but primarily I want to make this blog enjoyable to read. I want The Cheap Ferret to be a place where people can come along, have a giggle, and then keep coming back because they enjoyed it so much last time.

When do these changes take place? Why, they take place immediately. It’s Tuesday today, and tomorrow the first gaming post goes up.

Also, I could do with some names for these updates. I’m thinking “Freelancer Friday” (it’s alliterative, y’see) for one of them, but if anyone reading this can suggest anything better, or can suggest something for the other days, then let me know! All suggestions are welcome, and I hope you enjoy the new direction of the blog.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by The Cheap Ferret in association with myself. Thank you for reading.

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