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Time To Become An Adult!

October 15, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, I am on a mission to become an adult! This is my goal, and this is what I will achieve, and this is what you will be reading here on The Cheap Ferret every Monday (give or take).

But why? Surely, at age twenty-something, I should already be an adult. After all, I can legally drive and drink and get married and all the other wonderful things that come with being an adult. Except I honestly still feel like a teenager seeking to understand the world better. I still feel under-confident in some aspects of my life. I am also painfully socially awkward and wish to overcome this.

And what better way to get better than to share it with the world and attempt to make it entertaining and interesting and funny and possibly poignant (possibly)?

I’m not going to sit here and go through the reasons for my social awkwardness. I’m not here to dwell on the past and where I could have made better efforts to overcome things in the past, because that achieves nothing. NO! I am here to examine where I am, and how I can progress, and be positive and forward and open about my own personal awkwardness and confidence issues. By doing this, I aim to stop feeling like a lost child and become, once and for all, A FULLY-FUNCTIONING ADULT!

I have no real plan for this, however. I’m just going to make attempts to do things that spook me and make more efforts to be talkative. Sounds pretty good, yeah?

I will then report all this back to you, my lovely readers, where I will describe the efforts of battling the feelings of self-doubt and poor confidence with good humour and a CAN-DO attitude (the caps are important). However, I’m not going to sit here and write platitudes or giving off “think positive” vibes or anything like that. Instead, the aim is to say “yeah, being an adult is hard but do it anyway”.

There are some rules I am going to lay down for my posts though:

RULE NUMBER ONE: I am not allowed to describe things in the most mundane terms. This is a public blog, and as such, I need to consider the audience. This is not a diary, it’s a way of channelling something personal into a form of entertainment.

RULE NUMBER TWO: Do not be a sad sack. People do not like sad sacks. Yes, there will be times where I will feel self-doubt rather strongly and wanna sit around and play video games instead of writing or doing anything else, but I am not allowed to complain about it. Complaining about it is what I have done in the past and it’s never got me anywhere. Plus you guys don’t want to read sad sack things.

RULE NUMBER THREE: Even though the fundamental aim is to be more adult and responsible, I am not allowed to lose good childlike qualities like wonder and imagination and the desire to run around and be silly. These are all GOOD THINGS and all adults need to retain these features in order to be interesting human beings.

I may add to these rules as I go along. But those are the most important. Yes, it’s only three, but they are an important three. One and Two may seem similar, but they’re not. One is about making sure this is entertaining, and Two is about remaining in good humour at all times, even if I don’t feel like it by default. Because due to the age old rules of “fake it til you make it” I feel if I try and be funny and silly often enough, it will become default. Of course.

So them’s the basics. I’m not going to discuss much more beyond that rght now, but rest assured I will have some stories to share starting next week. Hopefully.

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