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Sunday Roundup – 20th October 2013

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Hello! Welcome to the Sunday Roundup, where I share the kind of things I’ve been watching, reading or otherwise enjoying this past week, and cover the things I’ve been talking about.

So, this week, I merely posted a mission statement for what I’m going to do with Mondays. I did write something for Gaming Wednesday, but it kind of got a bit lost and directionless and I didn’t know what to do with it, and I couldn’t think of a good news story to cover on the Friday, so nothing got written for that unfortunately.

However, I did still post my usual reviews on Sven vs. The Movies. Since last week I had some issues getting stuff posted up, I didn’t reveal that the movies I hinted at were The Defiant Ones and Reservoir Dogs, both of which feature criminals (The Defiant Ones featured escaped convicts and Reservoir Dogs features jewel thieves), and both use colour as a plot point (Reservoir Dogs has characters named after colours, and The Defiant Ones is about racial tension). So now you know.

This week, I reviewed Dangerous Liaisons, a period drama about decadent French aristocrats, and Red River, a Western starring John Wayne, which is my FAVOURITE TYPE OF MOVIE EVER (this may be a lie). I managed to disappoint Becky Lea of Assorted Buffery with my opinion of Red River, so it’s for that reason you should at least read that review if nothing else.

Next week, the movies are British and Swedish respectively. Tuesday’s movie is about the MADNESS of war, while Thursday examines mental health with a somewhat smudged lens, and has nothing to do with a Phillip K. Dick novel. Those are your clues. HAVE AT IT!

So, what have I been taking a look at this week outside my own work?

A lot of this is probably somewhat old news to some people, but I don’t care. I still feel all of this is worth sharing. First of all, I decided to start following the TED YouTube to see what interesting topics came out of it, and I was not disappointed when this came up.

In this video, physician Gary Slutkin discusses an experiment he tried when he noticed the spread of violent crime matched the spread of infectious diseases, and decided to treat the spread in a similar way. The results were interesting and you should take a look at what happened.

In less serious areas, I came across the YouTube channel of Hazel Hayes, aka ChewingSand, and specifically her sketch series, Unnecessary Otter. In these videos, Hazel plays the role of a children’s television presenter with a foul-mouthed stuffed otter sidekick. That’s a literal stuffed otter in the taxidermy sense, and not a puppet.

Highlights are the Halloween and Valentine’s videos found here and here and you should watch them because they’re hilarious.

I also had my attention drawn to a Kickstarter trying to raise money for a Bee & Puppycat series. I had never heard of Bee & Puppycat before, but it was a short film made by Adventure Time animator, Natasha Allegri, and put on YouTube through a company called Cartoon Hangover.

I have never watched an episode of Adventure Time in my life, but I figured I’d take a look at this all the same, and it was hilarious. Completely silly but incredibly endearing and you should all take a look at the short and maybe donate to the Kickstarter if you have the ability. This deserves to be a full series.

I also happened to come across this excerpt of a terrible tawdry romance novel that I am absolutely convinced is a parody. It just has to be a parody, because if it’s written seriously, then I weep for the future of books. The scary thing is, the author’s website makes it harder to know what the truth is. HELP

That’s that, guys and gals. I have no fiction snippet for you this week, but hopefully I’ll pull something together for next week. For now though, I’ll see you tomorrow with the first account of my attempts to become an adult. Hell yes.

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