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Becoming A Grownup: Failures

October 28, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, Becoming A Grownup isn’t off to the best start. I made a lot of dramatic statements about wanting to be a grownup and wanting to be amazing, but instead I’ve spent much of that time lounging around playing video games and watching episodes of QI on YouTube.

This isn’t what a successful grownup does, is it? Oh no it isn’t. An irregular blog update is also not a thing that grownups do. I would say I deserve a spanking, but saying that on the Internet leads to horrendous misinterpretations far out of the reach of the wholesome, childlike image I am trying to portray for myself.

Even my first attempt at writing about Becoming A Grownup didn’t go too well, and that’s why there was a lack of updates on the matter. You see, I took up dancing, learning some moves and grooves off the Internet and practicing them in the comfort of my office, but when it came to write about it, I drew a blank, and ended up with a very waffling and meandering blog entry that simply achieved nothing and I felt that nobody would want to read it and immediately declared myself a failure and curled up in a ball and pretended I was a hedgehog for five minutes.

Several unsuccessful attempts at spin-dashing later, it occurred to me that this whole Becoming A Grownup mission needs better planning. It needs some spark, some oomph, some pizzazz, as they say. I need to set myself goals, work towards them and also stop browsing cat gifs when I should be trying to do useful things.

So, I figured, start simple. I want to change something about myself, I need to first figure out where I need to change. If much of my inability to Become A Grownup stems from my terrible social awkwardness, then I need to examine when and where I feel socially awkward and make a big ol’ list of these things. This will provide a foundation, because then I can make efforts to overcome that social awkwardness, preferably in hilarious ways that will be fun to read.

So that is my initial goal. And I will share these things with you in a blog post next week, so you can see how painfully awkward I am and therefore how much I struggle to Be A Grownup and why there’s a need to deal with this. Hopefully, then, some of you wonderful readers could offer me advice, or possibly even share your own similar experiences to make me feel less terrible. It’s like therapy but without the cost or the difficult probing questions. And probes in general.

I also need to make efforts to live and breathe writing. I quite enjoy writing. It’s why I have a blog. It’s why I would like to be paid to write forever. But if I don’t do much writing and instead browse TV Tropes, I’m not really much of a writer. It’s terrible, and I’m terrible for it, but the good news is, I feel like I’m on my first step towards Becoming A Grownup in my attitude towards all this.

In the past, this realisation would hit me often, and I would feel genuinely useless, and sit and brood for a while, silently punishing myself for my crimes, but this time my reaction was a simple “well, let’s do something about it!” and that’s why I’m writing this blog post at 6:22am because that attitude grabbed me out of bed and made me write all of this.

It’s positive and wonderful and I am genuinely proud of myself for taking that attitude. Hopefully over the course of the week you’ll see my attempts to speak more confidently about my writing and you can give me applause and little presents.

Or you could just send me presents anyway. I like presents.

So, as a start to this I am going to announce this week’s blog posts, and you may yell and berate me for eternity if I don’t deliver. On Wednesday, where I talk about video games, I am going to discuss what I feel makes for a good spooky game because, of course, Halloween is this week. And on Friday I’m tweaking my “news coverage” to take events of the week and offer up my own personal solutions to the world’s problems, some possibly more practical than others. What am I writing about specifically? I don’t know yet, stuff hasn’t happened to inspire me. Obviously.

So, let’s restart this Becoming A Grownup thing. Keep notes, stay focused, get moving, be awesome. It’s that simple. It’s like building a rocket while simultaneously removing someone’s brain – absolutely simple. Yes.

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