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Drugs Are So Very Bad!

November 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Poor old Charles Saatchi. Being married to a terrible drug addict, and forced to deal with her unreasonable behaviour at every turn. You have to feel sorry for the man, who was forced to physically abuse his wife in public several months ago, only for her to divorce him shortly afterwards. How tragic it must be to know you have to publicly strangle someone because it’s the only way to stop them taking drugs. HOW. TRAGIC.

And you have to feel for the Grillo sisters. These two fine, upstanding Italian sisters, forced to work for a drug-addled monster, causing them to perform acts of fraud against their will. How awful it must have been for them to charge expensive items to the Saatchi family credit card simply because they didn’t like how many drugs their employer was taking. How absolutely tragic for them.

Meanwhile, Nigella Lawson, the ex-wife and employer respectively, is clearly a monster with no moral code whatsoever. Taking drugs like cocaine while married to an important man like Charles Saatchi is clearly the worst thing a human being can do, and she should be hung for it.

Wait a minute. I think I’ve got that wrong. Clearly I’ve been looking at the news too much this week, since I swear that’s all I’m hearing lately.

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Gaming Not-Quite-Wednesday: Crashing The Party

November 28, 2013 1 comment

Hello. Let’s discuss rumours today. Because rumours are great fun. But here’s why they shouldn’t be taken seriously under any circumstances.

Back in the nineties, Crash Bandicoot was the man. Essentially acting as Sony’s equivalent to Mario and Sonic, Crash spun his way into people’s hearts and became a figurehead for the console.

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Less Becoming A Grownup, More An Update

November 25, 2013 Leave a comment

You may have noticed a new kind of post turn up the other day here on The Cheap Ferret. For those who missed it, here it is

What’s the purpose of this, you may ask? Well, as part of my ongoing mission to Become A Grownup, I am trying to gain some freelance work with PR companies, providing copywriting and proofreading services. I’ve already done a bit of this in the past, but I want to do more and ultimately turn it into a job.

I’m rather inexperienced in the field of marketing and PR, but I do believe I have the ability to write well within that field, particularly in people-oriented businesses. It’s also something I’m just enthusiastic about and can talk about with some degree of knowledge. I may not be an expert, but I am willing to learn and I want to succeed and find work in this field, as part of my ultimate goal to become a freelance writer for a living.

So it’s up to me to prove that I have some idea what I’m talking about. I need to prove that I can write well and I need to prove that I have an interest in marketing. Good news! I already have a blog that I’m making a big push towards updating more regularly, so why don’t I add a new feature where I talk about marketing issues by relating them to big business news stories? Yeah, that’s a fantastic idea, and it’s exactly the kind of thing a functional adult would come up with!

But it’s also part of my aim to bring everything together a little better. This week I’m going to experiment with reblogging SvTM reviews over here on The Cheap Ferret, as a way of better linking the two together. I am still trying to come up with a way to connect the blog to my YouTube channel as well, so Gaming Wednesday connects up permanently with gaming videos over there, but I still don’t know what I want to do with that channel yet.

That said, the issue I discussed in that marketing post is also making that integration easier. If I do come back with videos on gaming, I will be redirecting everyone to comment on the Gaming Wednesday post, with the video embedded in the blog post, since any future videos will have comments disabled since I simply cannot figure out why or how to use Google Plus. It’s absolutely terrible.

You might wonder what all this has to do with Becoming A Grownup. Simply put, this is how I aim to improve my output and ultimately my promotion. If everything’s all centred around this here blog, it’ll be easy to find everything else I do. As I get fiction out there, that’ll all be linked around here too.

I still need to work on the procrastination issue I raised a couple of weeks ago, but I’m slowly making progress. I have been a bit slow with getting stuff done today, so that’s disappointing, but I am still aiming to improve on that as the week progresses.

And I hope I do progress, because the next thing I’ll be aiming to improve is my ability to be sociable and friendly and chatty and stuff. More on that when it happens.

So that’s all for this week. Pretty short one, I know, and it’s more a general “here’s what happened on the blog” than anything self-improvement related, but it serves its purpose.

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Sunday Roundup: 24th November 2013

November 24, 2013 Leave a comment

Hello and welcome to the first Sunday Roundup for a while, where I recap all the stuff I’ve been writing about this week and share some other cool stuff I’ve been looking at.

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Google Minus

November 24, 2013 2 comments

Every Saturday, I take a look at what’s been going on in the business world and evaluate where a company’s PR and marketing has been going right and where it has been going wrong, and analyse what can be learned from this.

A couple of weeks ago, Google managed to attract the ire of many by radically changing the YouTube comments section so that it required a Google Plus account in order to post anything. However, Google Plus is not a popular service. Originally touted as the New Facebook by Google, it was released onto the web, and went completely untouched.

No one needed a new social network. Facebook was fulfilling everybody’s needs, and Google’s service wasn’t proving itself to be better or more worthwhile. It has often been called slow, cluttered and ugly, while Facebook, despite its own many controversial changes, typically provides a relatively streamlined service that does what people want it to.

Due to the poor uptake of Google Plus, Google decided to find new ways to attract users. The problem was that their method of doing so was to make a Google Plus account mandatory for every user of their other services. The Google Play app store on Android recently made it impossible to review an app without a Google+ account, every Gmail user now requires a Google+ account just to access their email, and now YouTube has come under the same umbrella.

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Battle Of The Sexes

November 24, 2013 3 comments

Over the years, feminist movements have brought great strides in the treatment of women, and bringing forward greater equality for both sexes is always a great thing. The right to vote, the right for women to work, the sexual liberation movement that tried to give women control over their own sexuality, these were all great things that should be applauded.

But feminism still has work to do. Street harassment is rife, with women unable to walk down an average street without someone shouting obscene comments at them. Rape cases don’t seem to be provided the level of respect they should be, and many victims are blamed. There are still issues when it comes to equal pay, and recent figures suggest that a woman with a degree still isn’t as likely to earn as much as a man who never even completed high school.

These are all bad things, and they absolutely should be addressed, and modern feminism should work as hard as possible to achieve change in these areas.

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The Cheap Ferret’s Top 15 PS3 Titles

November 20, 2013 3 comments

Last week saw the release of the PlayStation 4 in North America, with the European release looming just a week away, and while I don’t personally own one yet since I’m waiting for more games to come out for the thing, I figured I’d tie in an entry to it all the same. I can’t offer any opinion on the new console, so here are my thoughts on the last generation.

Here are my top 15 PlayStation 3 titles. Feel free to argue with me about my terrible tastes, but I stand by this list no matter what anybody says. Some may feel there are missing entries here, but I either didn’t play them or they simply didn’t win me over as much as anybody else.

Let’s goooooo!

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