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Becoming A Grownup: Becoming Organised

November 11, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

So the other week I decided that the best place to start my attempts to Become A Grownup was by collecting all my thoughts, and then I’d put them all in a blog post and decide where to go from there.

Well, that blog post didn’t happen because the primary thing on my mind in the time since posting that was “why aren’t you doing that thing you should be doing?” This was an alarmingly common thought, to the point where I realised, to my horror, the first and most important thing I need to sort out is my personal organisation. The lack of a blog post last week may have been a hint to this.

I used to be somewhat organised, writing up a weekly to-do list and even decided on my tasks to the exact time I would start doing them.

Problem is, I wasn’t really that organised because I would often put off a good chunk of these things, which meant everything got rolled over until eventually I had ALL THE THINGS to do, which meant that I’d procrastinate more due to thinking “but these things are all too HAAAAARD” because there were too many of them, and then I’d cry and abandon everything.

And then I just stopped doing that after a minor breakdown. But in doing so, I’ve gotten lazy and started doing nothing at all. THIS IS NOT BETTER. THIS IS WORSE.

So here are some hasty decisions I made in an attempt to fix this:

First of all, I set up a daily task list that must be completed ON PAIN OF DEATH. This is relatively simple, since it’s sending emails, spending 15 minutes on fiction work and organising playlists on my iPod (yes, that’s an important task because I have about 6 million songs and therefore it will take years if I don’t do some of it daily).

I chose 15 minutes of fiction because that’s a nice, easy chunk of the day to find in amongst everything else. It’s actually 30 minutes, since it’s 15 minutes on novel work and 15 minutes on a short story, but I can split them at different times. So, instead of spending a quiet moment browsing Buzzfeed lists or watching gaming videos, I can write a dash of fiction. Absolutely, if I want to write more, I will write more, but 15 minutes is the absolute minimum.

This has been working fairly well so far. I brought it in last week, missed one day due to it being particularly busy and me being particularly tired, but this was easy to pick up again on another day, which I did. I ended up writing 1,959 words on my novel. OK, it’s not a lot, but it’s a good start. Conclusion: Successful, keep doing this.

SvTM has become incredibly well-managed, to the point where I have that blog ticking over like a well-oiled machine. Or at least I would if I could actually remember to post on time. Both reviews last week went up a day late, so I need to work on that.

However, in terms of actually writing the reviews and watching the movies, I can confirm that right now, I’m pretty much a month ahead of myself. I’m getting close to Christmas review-wise, and by Christmas I’ll be almost in February. I am genuinely proud of this.

But, and here’s a big but, you may have noticed I’ve been rather shoddy with this blog. That would be a holdover from when I was being super-lazy, and I was struggling to play catch-up. So, midway through last week I decided SCREW IT, this week is a bust and I’ll just prepare for next week instead. And I did, which is why even though you’re reading this on Monday, I’m writing it on Saturday. I also have Wednesday’s gaming post written too.

So basically, I’m correcting this rather excellently, because I am Becoming A Grownup.

But there is still a procrastination issue that I need to correct. While I’m doing well to get everything done, there’s been a lot of rolling over because it’ll take me forever to actually get started. I’ve decided I need to be strict on myself about this, but maybe also bring in a reward system of some kind. I will give this some thought over the week and report what I’ve decided on next week.

So, the Becoming A Grownup mission for the next week is to keep improving my organisational skills and break my procrastination habit. I will report back next week. In the meantime, enjoy Gaming Wednesday, the Friday Report and the Sunday Roundup. For they will actually happen this week. Honest.

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