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Devil May Feel Kinda Meh On The Whole Situation

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I’m always on the cutting edge of gaming, as I’m sure you’re aware, and as a result, I’ve recently been playing the Devil May Cry reboot, better known as DmC. It came out earlier this year, and I’ve mostly been playing it to see how bad it actually is, now that the initial fuss has died down somewhat.

Let’s rewind a second. Back in 2010, a trailer appeared at the Tokyo Game Show, depicting a moody-looking guy in a reddish coat fighting off demons. At the end of the trailer, it’s revealed that this character is actually Dante, normally known as the red-coated, white-haired protagonist of the Devil May Cry franchise.

AKA this guy

Cue outrage. This wasn’t the character people recognised, and the last thing anybody wanted was a punk rock teenage version of their beloved character. As more and more of the game was revealed, the less people liked it. People didn’t like the reimagined protagonist, the dialogue coming out of the trailers was laughably bad and the combat system showed signs of being watered-down.

Eventually the game came out in January this year, and it flopped badly. On Amazon, it was even outsold by the HD Collection re-release of the original Devil May Cry trilogy. It failed to reach 1 million copies. It was incredibly unpopular.

And so, I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I’d never played a Devil May Cry game before, so perhaps coming to the game free of expectations would allow me to view it in a different light to the fans. And now it’s time to reveal my controversial opinion.

It’s not actually that bad. No, wait, don’t gang up on me yet. Hear me out.

OK, the storyline is sixth form conspiracy theorist drivel, which cribs heavily from They Live and Men In Black without either of those movies’ sense of humour. And yes, it features rather obvious “satire” on modern media that has all the subtlety of a sword to the throat (hey, this guy who is clearly Bill O’Reilly is really an evil soul-eating demon TEE HEE TAKE THAT FOX NEWS). It even rips a plotline from Futurama and treats it completely seriously.

No, really

And yes, the characterisation and dialogue is still laughably bad. Dante’s attempts to throw out badass one-liners feel like a nerdy kid trying to fit in with the popular crowd, and his attempts at being “edgy” are reminiscent of a teenager who just discovered saying “fuck” in front of his parents results in gasps and tutting.

And fine, the soundtrack is awful, mostly consisting of some kind of shitcore band growling and yelling over eternally chugging guitars.

And I will admit that the combat system does feel dumbed down from the previous games. And remember, this is coming from someone who never played the original games, and even I can notice that.

So, OK, it’s not actually that good a game. But oddly, I’ve been enjoying it. While the combat system is relatively simple, it’s solid and flows well. It’s a little too easy, but it’s not a cumbersome control scheme by any means, and it can be kind of addictive to play. I haven’t tried out the higher difficulty levels, but if they add more challenge to the game, that’s fantastic.

And while Dante is a pretty terrible character, some of the non-bad-guy supporting cast are actually quite likeable. I feel that Kat is portrayed very well, and Vergil is an interesting character. I haven’t finished the game yet, so this could change,but so far I’m quite happy with these two.

What I’m saying is that I really don’t feel the vitriolic HATE for this game that so many others do, to the point where I feel the anger directed at it is entirely based on the Dante redesign. I’m sure many of them may say that I simply don’t get it, that “you weren’t there, man!” but honestly, I don’t get the fuss. I’ve played worse games than this, including some in established franchises that should have known better, so why DmC gets so much hate specifically is baffling to me.

Perhaps my opinion might change when I go back and play the original games, since I did buy the HD Collection as well. Would I include DmC on next week’s Best of PS3 list? Absolutely not, it’s too flawed for that. But it’s also not the disaster some of the franchise’s fans would have you believe, and I actually found that it does have its charms.

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