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Go The F**k To Sleep

November 18, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

You may be aware of a pseudo-children’s book entitled Go The Fuck To Sleep. Obviously, with a title like that, it’s not really a children’s book, but merely a book that uses the medium of simplistic children’s literature to express the frustration of having a small child that will never get to sleep when they should. It also had an audiobook read by Samuel L. Jackson. Of course it does!

Well, it’s a book that I should learn to listen to. There have been too many times in the last week where I really should have been shouting at myself to go the fuck to sleep. After all, I am not a small, sugar-addled child who wants to stay up and play with Lego, I am in fact someone desperately trying to Become A Grownup.

And getting to sleep is a good plan because that’s why last week’s organisation plan didn’t, well, go according to plan.

It all started just fine, with me getting loads of stuff done really quickly early on in the week, and basically being a productive force of nature.


As the week went on, I started getting less and less sleep. Not because of some kind of crippling insomnia out of my control, but simply because I was going to bed later than I should have been, and basically being that sugar-addled child wanting to play with Lego. The real tragedy is that I don’t own any Lego anymore, so it was a bit difficult to fulfil this desire.

The problem with this is the next day I would typically quite lethargic and unmotivated, and this caused a lot of my organisation to go careening out of the window like anything I claim is annoying me, such as broken computers or small children.

As such, I did not reward myself as intended. The reward I had eventually settled on was to finally pick up Journey on PSN, because I’ve been meaning to get it for basically forever, and it seemed like a suitable reward for being a good boy. But I wasn’t a good boy. I kept skipping things because I was too tired to be bothered.

This was why last week saw no Friday Report or Sunday Roundup despite promising to post them, and for this I apologise and say that I fully understand if you never trust me ever again.

But am I going to sit here and wallow in failure and be all miserable about falling into bad habits so easily? ABSOLUTELY NOT! That’d be crazy talk, and no one should give up on Becoming A Grownup.

So I’m going to attempt the same goal again. Reduce the procrastination and improve the productivity, now with a new objective of getting some damn sleep when I need it so I don’t fall into the same sleepy lack of motivation that happened last week. And if next Wednesday I post my thoughts on Journey, you will know I achieved this goal.

But I’m doing something else this week. Another reason I missed Friday and Sunday’s posts is because I haven’t been paying enough attention to other people’s stuff or what’s going on in the world. This is a problem I’ve had for a while anyway, but I figure if I can get my to-do list sorted early like I did last week, I can certainly get more involved with other things and solve that problem.

In fact, if anyone has a blog they wish to share or even a Youtube channel or other creative outlet, I would love to see it. Maybe we could become friends! Awwwwwwww.

Now, let’s get some more stuff done, and tonight I will make sure that I go the fuck to sleep.

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