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Drugs Are So Very Bad!

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Poor old Charles Saatchi. Being married to a terrible drug addict, and forced to deal with her unreasonable behaviour at every turn. You have to feel sorry for the man, who was forced to physically abuse his wife in public several months ago, only for her to divorce him shortly afterwards. How tragic it must be to know you have to publicly strangle someone because it’s the only way to stop them taking drugs. HOW. TRAGIC.

And you have to feel for the Grillo sisters. These two fine, upstanding Italian sisters, forced to work for a drug-addled monster, causing them to perform acts of fraud against their will. How awful it must have been for them to charge expensive items to the Saatchi family credit card simply because they didn’t like how many drugs their employer was taking. How absolutely tragic for them.

Meanwhile, Nigella Lawson, the ex-wife and employer respectively, is clearly a monster with no moral code whatsoever. Taking drugs like cocaine while married to an important man like Charles Saatchi is clearly the worst thing a human being can do, and she should be hung for it.

Wait a minute. I think I’ve got that wrong. Clearly I’ve been looking at the news too much this week, since I swear that’s all I’m hearing lately.

Can I just point out how farcical this trial is? I barely knew what exactly the trial was for since there was so much SHOCK AND AWE over Nigella’s (alleged) drug use that I assumed it was about the assault earlier in the year before I read about the sisters several days later.

We have two sisters, who were charged eight months ago, suddenly announcing out of the blue that Nigella was a regular hard drug user and “habitual criminal” and that it’s not their fault they spent several hundred thousand pounds on Saatchi’s personal credit cards. Saatchi standing up and saying that yes, Nigella was a terrible drug user, and that the incident several months ago was a result of that, is not much better.

Meanwhile, these accusations of Nigella’s drug use have been splashed all over the front pages, demonising the much-loved TV chef before anything was proven in any way. We only have hearsay from a man known for strangling the person he’s accusing and two sisters currently on trial for massive fraud. Not exactly the most trustworthy people in the world.

Last time I checked, the courts are supposed to operate on the use of evidence and not just conjecture from people under suspicion themselves. Through the events this week, the “drug use” should have been filed under “to be investigated” and not plastered all over the media like it has been.

This is the elephant in the room that nobody is talking about. Was Nigella really a drug user during her marriage to Saatchi, or is this just an effort for three individuals with an axe to grind to wear down a much-respected public figure? Do we have any evidence of this? The most I’ve seen to address this is the word “alleged” usually buried halfway down a story. Otherwise, those opening three paragraphs are essentially the entire story in the media this week.

And even if she did, who cares? In the grand scheme of things, a cocaine habit is pretty low down on the terrible crime list, especially when compared to two sisters allegedly abusing the trust of their employers for years to fuel a glamorous lifestyle for their own selfish ends, or a man who will openly STRANGLE HIS WIFE in public and then shrug and call it a “playful tiff” when grilled on it.

I’m not someone who would normally leap to a celebrity’s defence, especially not one that I don’t really have much of an interest in (and celebrity chefs are pretty low on my radar), but this is something that makes me go “hang on, what?” This all seems a little mean, and a little bit premature to be reporting everywhere when it’s a mere allegation. Is this really journalism? Is it right of the courts to allow an allegation to be made public without evidence?

I think this raises some serious questions about modern reporting and also just the skewed view Britain seems to have of crime. Assault and long-term fraud are so much worse than an unproven drug addiction, so why are we treating the latter as the worst thing ever?

Let’s try and get some real perspective back into this story, and not keep demonising someone who is sounding all the more like a victim the longer this goes on.

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