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Becoming A Grownup: In A Daze and Inner Child

December 2, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

So it’s one thing to want to be more organised. Everyone wants to be more organised. Getting more organised is the key to being successful, and being successful means Being A Grownup in my eyes.

But it’s another thing to try and meticulously organise yourself in such a way that everything becomes a somewhat meaningless task and you lose sight of exactly why you’re doing it in the first place.

This is the nasty habit I’ve been getting into recently. In my attempts at organisation, I’ve been trying to assign time frames to everything and then getting stressed because I can’t manage to do things. Things have become the opposite of enjoyable, and that’s not what I want to happen.

Basically, I have a ton of writing projects and an ongoing video project I post up on YouTube. These are all things I do because I like to do them, and not because I’m being forced to, even if I would love to be paid for them. And that’s why I can’t just go through the motions with them. I should be excited, and enthusiastic, and desperate to write this stuff!

That is my goal for this week. Reclaim my love of writing and reclaim my love of life. Be happier, be creative, be aware of everything. Do actual thinking with my brain.

That’s pretty much all I can really say about my mission to Become A Grownup because, as you may have guessed, I’ve basically spent this last week in a mindless daze, so I have nothing to report.

But being in a mindless daze is bad. After all, the reason I refer to my self-improvement as Becoming A Grownup is because I want to maintain a certain childlike sense of wonder and imagination in everything I do. I want to stay young mentally and not become someone so bogged down in the mundane nature of adult life that I literally turn grey.

I want to be an adult in the sense of being in control of my life and being financially stable and doing what I love, and of course I want to be sensible and responsible. But I also want to embrace my inner child and say if I want to go out and buy enough Lego to build a viable fort in my living room, I should do that.

In fact, I think more people could benefit by speaking to their inner child. After all, we spend much of our childhood wishing we could be an adult so we could do what we want, and then when we become an adult we forget to do things we enjoy and become boring. That’s not right, surely? And that’s why I aim to Be A Grownup on my terms.

Sadly, mindlessly reeling off to-do lists is not how to go about this. So I’m doing something wrong.

However, this is probably the best time to have a more in-depth chat with my inner child because it’s now December and therefore it’s officially OK to get excited about Christmas. I have already changed my Twitter name and avatar to reflect the season, so soon everything else will follow. If I was better at coding, I’d do something with this blog, but for now, here’s a picture of a ferret with a Santa hat on:

As such, it’s a time to get well acquainted with my inner child and get my creativity and sense of wonder back, but is probably the worst time to be acting like an adult. But never mind! It’s a glittery, shimmery time of year and there’s no need to be afraid.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a letter to Santa to write.

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