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Welcome To 2014

And so, the prodigal son returns, fresh from his latest visit to the United States of America, ready to come back and kick ass and make this blog an exciting place again.

While in the US, I’ve been acting in a way that definitely hasn’t been Grownup, since it involved making scrapbooks and building forts in living rooms and failing to cut down a Christmas tree. This doesn’t affect my plans to Become A Grownup in any way, however, since I’ve already stated that part of that plan is to still maintain a childlike sense of curiosity and fun while still being responsible and independent. So there.

And after all that, I’m back. Well, I say that I’m back from the US, but in actual fact I’m still here, I’m just no longer officially “on holiday”. I’m still here because the winter storms currently being experienced in the Midwest and, to a lesser extent, the Northeast, are delaying flights and preventing me from returning to the UK until Sunday, which is the day my flight has been rebooked for.

Yes, Sunday. I was scheduled for yesterday but now it’s a whole week later because the system is backed up due to half the US imploding in on itself from snow. And I’m kind of on the edge of it right now, heading somewhat closer slightly before changing my flight to one that actually leads out of the country. So everything’s a mess and yesterday was a day of emotional and physical turmoil that I could have done without.

But hey, extra holiday! Every cloud, etc.

Anyway, despite all that, I decided to continue my plans to start posting regularly again, and here I am. It’s 2014 now. I won’t get used to that until March, no doubt, so bear with me if I get it wrong for a while.

But yes, 2014. Exciting. A new year to play with, and that means a potential fresh start, and what does that mean for my plans to Become A Grownup?

Pretty much very little, since I don’t want to report on things on that front unless I actually have things to report. I don’t want to announce grandiose plans and then not do them and look silly. However, I do need to make an angry phone call to United Airlines and tell them to not send me to Chicago because that’s the opposite direction to the UK from where I am. That’ll be a Grownup thing to do, I suppose.

I also can’t implement some of the things that I planned to do this week since a lot of it hinged on being back in the UK with access to all my stuff, and not half packed and unpacked wondering when I have to catch a plane. Just have to work around it, I guess. Being A Grownup involves making compromises where compromises need to be made, so that works, I guess.

I do have some resolutions, but these are more like goals that I aim to achieve, but again, don’t want to announce them here in case they don’t happen. I have them written down though, so I know what I’m doing. YEAH.

What I can tell you I’m doing is what I’m posting this week. On Wednesday I will be posting my favourite games of 2013, which is something I aimed to do last week but…well…I forgot to post it. I also got kind of ill, so that contributed.

For Friday, I will likely be gathering up information on the Invasion Of The Romanians that apparently was scheduled to destroy the UK and envelop it in a cloak of darkness for a thousand years. Or something. We’ll be seeing what actually happened, and I’ll be offering my thoughts on the matter.

Meanwhile, SvTM has been posting as usual and will continue this week, although I sense a week break may happen at some point due to this flight delay throwing off my watch schedule. But we shall see.

For now, that’s all I have to report right now, so I will go and make an angry phone call and you can get on with your day. YEAH!

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