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Sunday Roundup – 14th January 2014

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It’s time for a quick roundup of this week on the blog!

First of all, there was no Monday post this week because I was in the process of travelling and so much of Monday was spent unpacking, sorting and sleeping, and I also didn’t really have much idea of what to write about.

Good news though! I do have a plan for tomorrow’s entry, so that will go ahead without incident. It’ll be about a couple of things that I want to focus on with Becoming A Grownup, and it should be entertaining.

On Wednesday I posted about my love for Civilization V. The irony is, after writing that entry, I haven’t played it since because I’ve been pretty busy. So perhaps it’s not as distracting as I stated. Not sure what I’ll be writing about next week as of yet, but something will come to me. I have a backup plan if nothing major happens, but we shall see what happens.

I posted the Friday Report on Saturday because I’m a terrible person…uh, I mean, because my editor was too busy buying booze and hookers to post it, as I stated in the entry. This was a small roundup of the little bits of vaguely interesting news I’d seen during the week. It was a bit of a dull week really and that was the best I could come up with. Hopefully next week will be more interesting.

Meanwhile, on SvTM, I reviewed classic Disney movie Pinocchio, which I dubbed the creepiest Disney movie ever made, and inept gigolo movie Midnight Cowboy. That’s the gigolo that’s inept, not the movie. I quite enjoyed the movie.

SvTM will be taking a break for the next two weeks. My schedule was thrown off by getting stuck in America for an extra week, and I was already cutting things close as it was, so the two week break allows me to get back on track. I don’t particularly like putting it on hold, but it’s a necessary evil.

Not that I’ll be taking a break from working on reviews, since the posting break is allowing me to build a backlog again so that I don’t miss any updates. So it will return on 4th February with a review of…no, I won’t tell you. That’d ruin the surprise!

So that’s this week on The Cheap Ferret. It’s a short roundup this week, I know, and a hastily written one at that, but there you go. I’ll see you tomorrow, where I will talk more about how I’m Becoming A Grownup!

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