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March Update

March 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Man, that was a crazy month. PHEW! We had some great times here on The Cheap Ferret these past few weeks. I posted so many great things, and we all had a blast, right?

Oh…right. Yeah. I didn’t post anything at all. Well, this is awkward. Um…I was busy?

In fact, the answer is yes, I was busy. In the past month, I’ve been making a serious attempt to step up my attempts to become a professional writer, by attempting to improve how I’m advertising myself, applying for actual jobs outside of just pestering people for freelance work and also doing something for a co-worker who’s setting up his own business.

I’ve also been working a lot more shifts in my day job (it’s actually an evening job, but whatever), and this has restricted my free time to work on my own projects a bit, and I got extremely stressed out over this blog as a result. My intention was to slow down after making an update on the situation, but I skipped the update step and went ahead and stopped posting.

Sorry about that, but here is your much-deserved update. Basically, I will be changing how this blog operates yet again. While I would love to keep the current setup, with a blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on specific subjects, it sadly isn’t feasible right now. As stated, I’m putting greater focus on my efforts to Become A Grownup and Become A Freelance Writer For A Living, and while this blog is certainly useful in that area, it isn’t essential.

But I do love this blog and hate the idea of leaving it abandoned. I want to chronicle my efforts to become generally awesome and talk about video games and other subjects that interest me, and also show off my writing to the world.

But sadly I can’t become awesome and I can’t present good blog posts to you all if I’m stressed out trying to squeeze out highly specific blog posts every other day when I don’t really have time for that.

So, here’s the deal. At least once a week is the new deal, and the primary focus is on my attempts to become awesome. I want to get better at turning my experiences into stories, so reducing mandatory updates to only one a week allows more focus and reflection, which means better planning and editing in writing terms. And that means better stuff for you to read! Everybody wins!

But by doing away with the current setup, at least for the time being, also frees me to update whenever I want about whatever I want. So if I still feel like writing a ranty piece on something terrible in the news, I can do this and you can’t stop me!

In fact, I may post some occasional updates on my backlog clearing attempts that I’ve been doing lately. In my downtime, I’ve been working to get through the many unfinished games and unread novels I’ve had sitting on my shelves.

I counted and found 50 unread novels. I won’t bore you with the full list, but needless to say I’ve set myself a challenge to read them all. I’ve currently read three so far, and I’m thinking of potentially posting little mini-reviews to give my thoughts and recommend the good stuff to you all.

As for games, I chose not to attempt every single unfinished game, and instead picked out a good selection that I have every intention of finishing. This is a list that includes the likes of Final Fantasy VII (which I’ve only ever finished up to the crater at the end), the original Silent Hill and the entire Resident Evil and Devil May Cry series (sorry, Capcom!). At the moment I’m playing through Dark Cloud, an old Level-5 RPG for the PS2 that mixes god games and dungeon crawlers and it’s pretty nifty, although a tad clunky in places.

Again, I intend to post little mini-reviews when I finish these games, so stay tuned for that!

But, to prove there’s still activity, I’ll start reblogging reviews for SvTM here as well, to turn this into more of a hub for my work in general, and if there’s anything else I ever put out there, I’ll post something about it here too. Sound good? Why yes, I thought so. And sorry to anyone who follows both blogs, since that will mean both blogs turn up in your email and/or reader.

And that is that for the time being. I will see you next week where I will have an exciting post for you to read!

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