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The Absurdity of “Gamer Gate”

August 31, 2014 3 comments

For a long time, I have been ashamed to call myself a gamer. I’m certainly not ashamed to announce that I like video games and enjoy them to the same degree a cinephile laps up movies or a bibliophile is unable to walk into a book shop and not emerge with about 10 new books to add to their growing pile (although, admittedly, I do have that latter issue too). If I can have a conversation with someone about video games, then I’ve made a friend for life. Video games are not the issue. No, my issue lies in the term “gamer”.

For a while now, I’ve considered “gamers” to be the worst side of people who play games. The type who yells slurs in online games. The type who has no frame of reference outside of games. The type who gets terrified at anything outside the current trend of the two-colour-palette dudebro shooter. They’re alarmingly vocal, but in the last couple of weeks, they’ve become even more vocal, and not in a good way.

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Why Tomb Raider Exclusivity Is Bad For Gamers

August 13, 2014 1 comment

At Gamescom this week, Microsoft announced that Rise Of The Tomb Raider will be released as an exclusive to Xbox One. As a long-term Tomb Raider fan, this announcement annoyed me immensely. As someone who doesn’t trust Microsoft as a company after many missteps with this console, I refuse to buy the Xbox One on principle. They may have backpedalled on things like locking out used games, online-only DRM, the mandatory use of Kinect and other such unpopular practices, but I still do not feel the company are trustworthy, no matter how much they want to claim they are.

So, being told that I need to buy this console that I have already decided I have no interest in so that I can play my favourite game series is, understandably, not what I wanted to hear.

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