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Flaws Do Not Make Something Worthless

March 19, 2015 4 comments

Normally, I’d like to keep personal issues away from this blog. It’s an extension of my YouTube channel and other projects, and as such I tend to stick to issues in the news, or I talk about video games. But after a series of tweets over the weekend, I considered expanding it, and that’s what this blog post is about. It’s a little sad in places, so be warned.

On Saturday I became aware of a statement made by Nigel Farage, the eternally-present dangerous idiot of politics, where he tried to shun the entire NHS over a misdiagnosis he received 20-30 years ago, with a strong implication that it’d be better if we have a private healthcare system and market forces governed everything because that’s never gone wrong ever, of course. Pay no heed to the rising inequality or the fact that the US healthcare system forces everyone to pay obscene costs. The NHS is bad, mkay. It “almost killed” him, after all.

This prompted a series of angry tweets from me, where I pointed out the ludicrousness of his argument. And I spoke from a position of someone who was similarly let down by NHS services and ended up going private. He used his story to justify wanting to dismantle the entire service, I prefer to use my story to suggest where the service needs more investment and care.

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