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Chronological Game Challenge Update

October 13, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hello! I hope all of you have been enjoying the Chronological Challenge so far. I certainly have, as it’s allowed me to play some awesome stuff, even if there were times when I played things I didn’t feel like playing. I’m looking forward to forging forward even more with the challenge, and providing my thoughts on each game as we go along. Mostly so that I can finally clear some of my backlog!

But there’s going to be a change in how I do this. Up until now I’ve been doing a weekly update that covers all the games I’ve played in the past week. This is because SNES/Mega Drive games took me a day or two to get through (examples such as EarthBound notwithstanding), so my weekly updates tended to have a lot of games in them.

However, we’re moving into the PlayStation/N64 era, and as a result, the games are getting longer. Whereas the average 4th gen game took about 2-3 hours to get through, your average 5th gen game gets is about 8 or more. As a result, my updates are getting shorter, and I don’t like it.

Instead, from this point on, I won’t be updating my challenge weekly. Instead, I’ll make an update every time I clear out a year. Depending on the games, this means that updates may take significantly longer to get posted, but I aim to try and correct that by posting more general blogs in their place.

If you’re curious of my ongoing progress, please check out my Backloggery, where I will always have the games of the current year listed as “Now Playing”, and they’ll be removed as I move through them.

So don’t worry that there’s been no update on the challenge! It’s all still happening, I’m just changing how it’s being done. So stay tuned!

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