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Chronological Challenge: Star Fox 64

November 25, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

I promised you a review a day, but then I got sick and had a massive rest day yesterday, so I didn’t put one up. Today you’re getting two though! That should make up for it.

Here is the first review, or rather a collection of thoughts about how bad I am at a video game.

Star Fox 64 (aka Lylat Wars in original UK release)

Publisher: Nintendo | Developer: Nintendo | Released: April 1997 (Japan)
Original System: Nintendo 64
Played on: Wii Virtual Console

Goal: Defeat Star Wolf and Andross on any route

Actual Outcome: Defeated Andross on easy path

I bought Star Fox 64 because of Smash Bros. Yep. That’s all. I bought this game from the Virtual Console just because I was wondering if Fox and Falco’s game was any good. There is literally no other reason I have this game.

I am bad at this game. Like, obscenely, awfully bad. I made it to the end of the easy path, but I fudged it the whole way. Most of my team ended up dead on each mission, I kept shooting them, certain missions took a lot longer than they needed to, and generally if this was how Fox McCloud behaved on missions, he wouldn’t be in a job much longer.

That said, I did have fun with Star Fox 64. It’s an arcade-style space shooter where you fly about taking down targets, and while I struggled with it, it was an easy game to pick up and play, and it handled well.

My big complaint about the game is that sometimes due to the N64’s draw distance, it can be hard to make out your targets very well. I lost count the amount of times I went to battle Star Wolf and ended up shooting my own team members because the ships are similar shapes. Yes, your team are labelled with a big triangle saying F, P or S, but sometimes that didn’t help and seemed to be pointed at something far in the distance.

I also had issues with dodging while driving the Landmaster, and the amount of times where I ended up needlessly crashing into things was slightly disturbing. However, this and the other problems I had while playing were down to my own incompetence and not so much the game’s problem.

It’s hard to give much of a definitive opinion on Star Fox 64. It’s a bit dated, especially in the graphics department, but it’s a decent enough game. It’s just a shame that I’m so bad at it!

  1. November 29, 2015 at 3:03 pm

    It is a bit dated, thats why we need the updated modern version Nintendo has mentioned!

  1. March 31, 2016 at 4:46 pm

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