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YouTube Recap: Headset Blues

Hi there. Sorry this didn’t go up yesterday, as the issues I’m about to describe contributed greatly to why that didn’t happen.

So last week was pretty bad for me. It took forever for my new headset to show up, so there have been no new Ferret’s Firsts for a while, and there was no Chatty Corner this week either. To add insult to injury, when the headset did show up, I came down with a cold for two days so recording was still very much off the table. Then when I was finally able to record, I discovered that my new headset was faulty and making noises that sounded like I was in a wind tunnel with a car alarm going off in the far distance while I hit the microphone repeatedly. Then I ordered a replacement for pick-up, but I then suffered from severe insomnia that meant I was a complete zombie all of yesterday. Hence the lack of a post too.

So last week there were only the pre-uploaded Let’s Play parts. Which is good, because it means something still went up, and highlights exactly why I record and edit in advance!

In Mirror’s Edge, we delved deeper into the conspiracy by paying a visit to the security firm who we keep hearing about throughout the game. I still suspect Mr Tronik is a big part of this.

In Gravity Rush, Kat kicked some blob monsters about and then got employed part-time as a repairwoman, which she does while still wearing that little black dress. Which I’m sure isn’t standard issue. And yes, I’m aiming for every title to be a cat pun. This could be interesting.

Also, I finally completed the first of my PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale History Remastered series. There’s been a tab about this for a while, although I’ve not been keeping it up to date, but I’m reworking every video in that old history series to up the resolution, fix mistakes and add in stuff I missed or intended to originally add as “extras”. They’re essentially the same videos, but with changes where appropriate.

And Sackboy went up last week! Fixes include: completely redone commentary due to personal issues with the original, improved resolution (as always), addition of costumes, intros & outros etc., addition of info that pre-made items could be saved to the Popit in LBP, addition of vaguely-related LBP3 info regarding the fan. Enjoy!

I did want Jak up this week, as there are minimal changes to his video, but the issues I mentioned earlier meant that didn’t happen. I’m sorry!

This week I’m going to be going full throttle on recording, with a bunch of catch-up on Gravity Rush, and a whole load of new Ferret’s Firsts, and I will hopefully have some of these up for you this week, if not all of them. Mirror’s Edge reaches its awkward phase, and Gravity Rush will get a double update on Saturday and Sunday. And I may get Jak up, but we’ll see what happens.

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