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E3 2016 Reactions

Hello! Here are my slightly unordered thoughts on everything seen at the E3 press conferences this year. Except the PC Gaming Show because I wasn’t able to watch that one.

Let’s start with EA!EA

Titanfall 2

The original Titanfall never interested me due to it being a warguns game exclusive to Xbox and PC, and it seems that most people who played it were no longer interested in it either after a few games. So EA announcing this didn’t particularly grab me, especially as it just looks like Titanfall. Unsurprisingly, it’s also getting a PS4 release this time, as it’s painfully obvious now that Xbox exclusivity isn’t necessarily the best business decision.

That said, there’s a new single player campaign that aims to explore the relationship between man and mech. Much of the footage we saw included conversations with the Titans who Fall, which was kind of interesting, but one question remained unanswered – can you smooch your mech? If they truly want to explore the relationship between man and mech, I want the option to romance the mech. If this happens, Titanfall 2 is a game I may consider.

Madden 17

It’s Madden, innit?

Also, a whole bunch of stuff about e-sports, and I think I blacked out.

Oh wait, I think there was one point where EA said that gamers could take part in charity challenges that would donate to, among others, some feminist causes, which means that some part of the Internet is probably seething with impotent rage. But I wasn’t really paying attention so I don’t know much more than that.

Mass Effect Andromeda

I’ve never been into Mass Effect as this heavy plot-driven series originally didn’t have a PS3 release (at a time when Xbox exclusivity was actually a decent business decision, so fair enough), and by the time they did port it over, I’d moved on with my life and never bothered checking it out. As such, I’m not particularly invested in the series, but I know it’s a beloved franchise and lots of people were looking forward to this presentation.

And they don’t seem to have shown much. We got a glimpse of an alien race, and it’s pretty obvious at this point that the female version of the player character (rumoured to be called Ryder) is now the one front and centre in marketing. And…that’s about it. Excellent.


It’s footy, innit?

That said, I will admit some interest in the story-based career mode, where you apparently play as a football boy growing into a football man. It’s an interesting direction, and I’m curious to see where they’d take that. Not curious enough to want to play a FIFA game but it’s still a nice way to expand the series.

Oh, and Jose Mourinho was dragged out on stage because it wouldn’t be an EA conference without pulling some football man on stage during the FIFA segment and boring everyone in the room. Some say that football fans would be excited by this, but since they were likely to be watching Euro 16 on actual TV, or in the pub having just watched a match or two, I’d say the number of them watching E3 was slim at that point.


This year’s Unravel. I’m disappointed that their nervous non-specific European indie developer didn’t have the character of his game in plush form, but the game itself looks rather lovely. I’m a big fan of bold aesthetics, so the stark purple/black colour scheme and angular world were pretty. The fox thing you play as looks cute, the singing mechanic looks cuter, and the enemies look absolutely terrifying. Yes, I will take Chemical Symbol For Iron, please.

Star Wars stuff

A bunch of developers talked about how excited they were to be working on Star Wars games, and none of them actually showed off the Star Wars games they’re working on.

I’m not a rabid Star Wars nerd. I thought the original trilogy was alright, but that’s the extent of my interest. However, a third-person adventure game directed by former Uncharted director, Amy Hennig? Dammit, EA, you have my attention. Which you then squandered by not actually talking about the game at all.

Battlefield 1

It’s warguns, innit?

Something about soldiers? You can fly zeppelins, I hear. That’s the only bit that stuck.

Oh, and “no two games will ever be the same” which is the most obviously bollocks bit of marketing spiel I’ve ever heard.

A pretty dull, inoffensive show that feels like we’ve seen everything before. Madden and FIFA are eternally the same game tossed out year after year, much of the Battlefield news was revealed prior to the show, Fe’s reveal was deliberately done to evoke Unravel from last year, and they had literally nothing new to tell us about Mass Effect or the Star Wars lineup.

I joked that EA did their own separate event next door to E3 out of arrogance, that they wanted their own theme park with blackjack and hookers, but in all honesty, it just feels like they didn’t have enough to justify an E3 presence at all, but didn’t have the guts to pull a Nintendo and just say “we’ll stay lowkey this year”

A rather dull start.


Quake Champions

A surprise, but not one that’s necessarily come out of nowhere. Bethesda have had great success reviving old school Id Software titles lately with Wolfenstein: The New Order and the new Doom getting rave reviews and love from gamers everywhere, so the idea of them attempting to pull a hat trick with Quake isn’t surprising.

It’s looking like Overwatch in the Quake universe. No bad thing, I suppose, although not something that has me contemplating trying it out like Wolfenstein and Doom have. Definitely a good strategy for them right now though.

Elder Scrolls Legends

It’s a card game. I did like one bit in the pre-show where they said you could attack your opponent directly, and in the game footage it looked like the player was physically tossing their card at their opponent, so that was amusing, although most likely unintentionally so.

Could be interesting if you like this sort of thing, but it’s going to have an uphill battle with Hearthstone currently on top.

Fallout DLC

Hey, remember last year when a big chunk of the conference was dedicated to Fallout 4? Well, you’d think that the game actually being out now would mean they’d move on, but no, we had to know that Fallout 4 was popular and did well, and did we mention it was a huge success?

Anyway, you can make Mouse Trap in Fallout 4 now. Not sure why, but who am I to question this?

Skyrim Remaster

Remember that game you never finished on PS3 and/or Xbox 360? Well, now you can never finish it again on PS4 and Xbox One.

Of course, I skipped PC in that because PC owners already have the equivalent of the remaster thanks to mods, and I know this because PC players never stop making that statement.

Prey Reboot

I know nothing about Prey, but I know it’s a game that already existed and is now seemingly getting a reboot.

It’s Groundhog Day meets Dead Space in first-person, and I’ll admit, it looks pretty neat. I love me some sci-fi horror, so I’ll keep my eye on this and see if it holds up.

Doom DLC
Some maps for the Doom multiplayer. I don’t know.

Elder Scrolls Online Expansions

As someone who has no interest in MMOs in general, I only know through the grapevine what people think of this particular MMO. And it’s not great. Last I heard, people didn’t like ESO, and yet Bethesda seemed intent on reminding us it was “voted the best MMO” but neglected to mention where this vote happened.

Anyway, some expansions for that got announced, a whole lot of mudcrabs died, and one woman in the audience was very happy with everything she saw here. And I’m happy for her, at least.

VR bullshit
Fallout 4 and Doom are getting VR releases. Good if you’re interested in VR, I suppose.

Dishonoured 2

I never played the original Dishonoured. I have it, and it interests me, as it’s steampunk and stealth and parkour and other stuff that I dig. But I just never got around to playing it (yes, this is another reason I started the Chronological Challenge!).

But Dishonoured 2 has me interested in the same way the first game did. It looks fantastic, with some interesting powers (the Shadow Walk is rather spooky and cool) and some really intriguing time travel mechanics. It’s on my watch list, but I’ll still need to play the first game.

I’ll admit that Bethesda are rarely a company whose output grabs my attention. I’ve never been much of a fan of sprawling Western RPGs, which is what much of their output is. Which is why very little of their conference kept me interested.

However, where Bethesda did things right was in their ability to stay grounded, confident, and professional. Their conference didn’t set the world alight, but it also lacked the gimmicks and dumb jokes that many of the other conferences had. They came on, said “here are our games” and let the games speak for them. And it worked, I feel, even if it wasn’t for me.

However, like EA, there’s a sense that perhaps there was no need for them to do a conference this year. Last year their show was largely to put Fallout 4 front and centre, in a move that was brilliant when coupled with the likes of Doom and the reveal of Dishonoured 2.

This year, however, the conference was very much backwards-looking. A lot of praise for the success of Fallout 4 and Shelter, DLC and expansion announcements for existing games, and details on games previously touched on but not gone into great depth. Only Prey and Quake were new, and details on both were sparse. And while Dishonoured 2 looks great, it wasn’t enough to justify a conference, I felt.

Very solid presentation from Bethesda, then, but with little substance to really back it up.


Gears of War 4

I’ve never cared for Gears of War, even beyond its status as an Xbox exclusive. It’s just been roided up shouty men shooting guns as far as I’m concerned. If there’s more to it, I apologise, but I just can’t get past that.

Gears of War 4 looks to be more of that. And now we have Laura Bailey Laura-Baileying all over the place, so that’s fun. Also, one weapons was basically Ratchet & Clank’s Buzz Blades so I guarantee that if Microsoft want to include a Groovitron equivalent, I will buy an Xbox One.*

*not a guarantee

Killer Instinct
A Gears of War character is in Killer Instinct now. That’s cool, I guess? At this rate, Killer Instinct is just turning into Microsoft’s version of Smash Bros, it seems.

Forza Horizon 3

Okay, Microsoft, we need to talk. This game introduced itself with beautiful tropical vistas and kangaroos, making itself look like some majestic open world adventure game, one that may or may not have involved treasure hunting. And then cars happened and it’s just Forza.

I wanted kangaroos! You let me down with that bait-and-switch!

Also, one player was relegated to a racing chair on the Cube of Shame at the back of the stage, and that amused me greatly.

There’s a cute robot dog and some fun-looking platforming. I approve of this, shame it’s an Xbox exclusive.

Final Fantasy XV

Well, so much for people thinking was a PS4 exclusive!

That said, if that terrible, boring gameplay is representative of the game as a whole, then perhaps it’s no big loss. It was mostly the protagonist dodging a big dude for about 20 minute before chopping off his arm.

The Division expansion
I think I fell asleep here.

Battlefield 1
Oh hello I’m the exact same trailer you saw at EA’s conference, how are you?


We’re going to introduce The Friendly Update, which includes the ability to murder aliens and blow up their spaceships!

Aside from the dude from Oculus popping up like a weird sitcom neighbour on the Cube of Shame, this was largely just people talking about Minecraft like we don’t already know what to expect of Minecraft.

We certainly got to see Inside. Inside an office building! In the dark! Hoho!

But this is from the developers of Limbo, so there’s probably something good to this one. Shame we don’t really know more.

We Happy Few

Man, this looks good! It’s like Bioshock meets that one episode of Doctor Who, and it was creepy and somehow darkly funny at the same time. Will definitely be keeping my eye on this one.


It’s the card mini-game from a game I haven’t played released as its own game!

But it’s not Triple Triad, is it?

Okay, look, I literally have no opinion on card-based video games.

Tekken 7

So Street Fighter and Tekken officially share the same universe. Tekken looks as ridiculous as ever, and Harada seemingly has stopped giving a fuck, so I’m pretty much in.

Dead Rising 4

I’d love to comment on this game but I didn’t get to see much of it as Microsoft decided that we needed to view the trailer from an old camera phone from a fire exit. Brilliant work, lads. Still, that Christmas music in June was nice and appropriate.


Kamiya walked on stage and somehow blocked everyone in the room in real life.

Then he showed off more of Platinum’s Xbox exclusive, which looks alright. It’s Monster Hunter meets Shadow of the Colossus with DMC Dante merged with DmC Dante as the protagonist. Doesn’t look nearly as goofy as Platinum’s usual work, though, which is a shame.

Sea of Thieves

More pirate shenanigans, only this time with scripted shitty Let’s Play dialogue over the top. I can’t tell you if the game’s any good, but I can tell you that gameplay demo wasn’t.

State of Decay 2
It’s zombies, innit?

Seriously, though, I don’t know how to distinguish this from Dead Rising, apart from the fact that we actually got to see this trailer properly.

Halo Wars 2

A gruff military man faced down an armed gorilla. I’m going to assume this strategy game features exactly none of that in actual gameplay.

Project Scorpio

I really don’t know what to think about this and the proposed PS4 Neo. It seems too soon for a new iteration of hardware, and I don’t know how likely the console market will go for iPhone style updates every other year in place of the traditional generations. The technical leap, if Microsoft’s claims aren’t complete bollocks, is impressive and certainly not something to complain about, but I worry about it potentially splitting the market or the original Xbox model diluting the power of the new model.

Microsoft have largely fallen into a formula here. Trailers followed by a developer talking about the game that was just shown, and cutting between the two. Plenty of exclusives, but nothing that particularly seemed to grab anyone judging by crowd reactions, and the third party inclusions felt odd, especially FF15 and Tekken, which are pretty much guaranteed to sell more on PS4 anyway as historically Japanese games do better on Sony’s platforms. Bless ‘em for trying, but it still seems odd.

The Project Scorpio stuff is the key talking point, of course, but whether this model of incremental upgrades with support across multiple system versions will last long term remains to be seen. There’s also a concern of how this will affect consumers – will gamers eventually get locked out of games on the old systems, and how long before that happens, or on the flipside, will the better versions get used to their full potential or will they be held back by the old versions?

Interesting stuff hardware-wise from Microsoft, but playing it very safe with software. The crossplay stuff was good, but I can imagine the incessant Windows 10 exclusivity has been winding up PC players something fierce.


Just Dance 2017
I think someone slipped me some LSD while I was listening to Queen. I don’t even know anything about Just Dance 2017.

Then Aisha Tyler gave a tribute to the Orlando tragedy while standing next to man dressed as a giraffe, spoiling the message just a tad. I absolutely respect the attempts at each conference to address the tragedy and show solidarity – I have nothing of note to add except that my heart goes out to everyone affected – but Ubisoft’s felt so hollow just because of how it was delivered. Not a great start.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ubisoft introduced the revolutionary concept that South America has drug cartels who process, distribute and sell cocaine. Blew my goddamn mind.

Also, this was boring and protracted and persistently marred by Ubisoft’s good ol’ fashioned fake team chat. And the drug lord is apparently Luigi.

South Park: Fractured But Whole

Smartly introduced as a typical AAA “mature” game, but as the presentation dragged on for its fourteenth hour (or so it felt), I quickly became more and more aware of why I haven’t watched South Park in years. The jokes got worse and worse, and what could have been biting satire about the Marvel Cinematic Universe was just a bunch of incoherent yelling.

More expansions for The Division
I was messing with my phone the whole time as the previous two presentations had destroyed my soul.

Eagle Flight

A VR game about eagles that can somehow shoot each other. Looks fun for about an hour, and then you’ll never touch it again.

So it’s perfect metaphor for VR then.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Um, actually, I think you’ll find this presentation was inaccurate. LeForge was Next Generation, Seven of Nine was Voyager and Karl Urban was in the JJ Abrams movies, and these are all distinct branches of Star Trek that should never mix how dare you Ubisoft I’m going to cry on my Jonathan Frakes body pillow now.

That was a goof because it was the only thing I can think of once the word “VR” was said again and I switched off entirely to the game and instead imagined the sadder end of the Star Trek fanbase.

For Honour

So, up to this point I wanted to gouge my eyes out in protest at how thoroughly bored I was during this conference.

And then For Honour’s resident pirate Viking wizard developer walked on stage with his cane and his majestic beard and laughed heartily at the mortals he has deemed worthy of playing his video game. And it saved the show. I want this man to present E3 forever. Every conference. Just him.

Also, For Honour looks like a neat God of War/Dynasty Warriors hybrid that could be a lot of fun. Plays around with its historical accuracy, but I sense they don’t care and just wanna have Vikings fight samurai.

Grow Up
I never played Grow Home, but that and this sequel both look cute. There, that’s all I’ve got.

Trials of the Blood Dragon

So, remember my post on how “cry like an anime fan on prom night” wasn’t the best way to do a cheesy throwback ad? Trials of the Blood Dragon did it right with its ludicrous 90s toy ad style trailer. The game is a random cross between the increasingly bizarre Trials series and the Blood Dragon Far Cry spin-off, and I don’t know how to feel about it. But the trailer did 90s ad cheese right, so it has that.

Assassin’s Creed: The Movie

So, there’s no Assassin’s Creed game this year, but did that stop Ubisoft finding a way to shoehorn it in regardless? Oh hell no. Let’s wheel out veteran movie producer Frank Marshall to talk earnestly about AssCreed lore for about a week.

I also have no faith in video game movies these days, so I’m not expecting much from this one.

Watch Dogs 2

Okay, Watch Dogs 2 does look like an improvement over the first. The protagonist seems more likeable, the game seems more willing to be playful and silly, and Eric B & Rakim are on the soundtrack. As much as I don’t want to touch the original with a ten-foot pole, I might keep my eye on this sequel in case it’s a much better game.


Ubisoft just can’t help themselves. Even a game as simple as snowboarding, they have to turn into an open world somehow. It also seemed like a bizarre choice to end on, as this doesn’t seem to be the usual “big” game that would occupy the final slot and leave people feeling excited.

In fact, it only seems to be here because it’s being made in Montpellier, and Ubisoft seem to just eternally want to hint and tease at Beyond Good & Evil 2 at the end of every show, just to pull the rug out every time. Leading in with “coming from our studio in the French Alps” was clearly designed to get people thinking “BG&E2?!?” only to go “Ha! No, here’s our snowboarding thing you don’t care about now that we have your attention”

Either that or the more plausible explanation that Ubisoft doesn’t understand pacing or structure. Which is also true.

Every year, Ubisoft’s show is notorious for being a complete train wreck, with bad jokes and forced memes, and bizarre skits and unnecessary celebrity appearances. But I honestly feel that they’ve hit a new low this year. Aisha Tyler spent most of her time rehashing every single joke she’d previously told at earlier conferences, and the pacing of the show was all off.

This was a show where we’d see a trailer, than have a long chat about the game and the background for about an hour before moving onto something else. I was so bored by the South Park segment that I checked the time and realised that they’d only covered two games in half an hour. And it continued on like that.

What’s more, there was nothing exciting about anything being discussed. The Tom Clancy games are all blurring into one, the VR titles were nothing to write home about, everything else looked alright, and then it ended with a snowboarding game that seemed to leave everyone looking at the exits. It was dull, but the usual cringeworthy elements were there, but were limping along like everyone had become self-aware and had died a little inside as a result.

There’s a feeling that Ubisoft games have become formulaic and tired, and it’s extended to their conferences now. This is a company that desperately needs to do something new and something fresh. Whether that’s the pig-man-shaped elephant in the room or something else entirely, they really need to take some creative risks and get some degree of spark back. Because this was embarrassing, even by Ubisoft’s usual standards.


God of War

Surprisingly launching into a gameplay demo of the latest God of War, where we are now Kratos, Number One Dad. There was something incredibly odd about an aging, bearded Kratos wandering around with a child. I kept expecting him to flip and tear the child’s limbs off at any moment, particularly as the kid was useless, but it never happened.

The rumoured Norse mythology is certainly present, with the snow, the fight against a troll and the mention of Valhalla being pretty clear indications that we’re a long way from Greece. And, now I see it in action, I can see it working. We have an older, world-weary Kratos who’s probably travelled great distances to find a place not ravaged by plagues and darkness (that he caused, of course, but let’s put that detail aside for the moment). It genuinely does make a weird kind of sense.

And it also looks mercifully different. God of War had become a tad laughable by the third game, with Kratos running around tearing everything apart screaming at the world like a child who’s lost his favourite blanket, and seeing a more subdued Kratos was odd, but refreshing. I actually might keep my eye on this and see where it goes.

Days Gone

Days Gone was the focus twice in Sony’s show. It was initially revealed in a cinematic teaser trailer immediately after God of War, where we see a post-apocalyptic world that talks about power going off and planes falling out of the sky, and a narrator who misses the past. Based on this, I envisioned a game set in a post-natural-resources world, where humanity must figure out how to rebuild civilisation after it’s collapsed. I was genuinely intrigued.

And then they showed a gameplay demo at the end of the show…and it’s zombies, innit?

I’m so tired of zombies. They’ve swiftly become the most overused cliché of Western media in the last ten years, and quite frankly I’m sick of seeing shambling masses everywhere. I’m certainly not against post-apocalyptic scenarios, but let’s get something more original than yet another zombie virus.

Indeed, Days Gone only seems to distinguish itself from other zombie games by having lots of zombies. An obscene amount of zombies. To the point where they’re awkwardly falling over each other or clipping through one another or clipping through the scenery. And my god did it get tedious seeing the protagonist turn around and gun down another line, run away, turn around, gun down a line, run away…and so on.

This is a game that went from interesting to tedious in the space of an hour, and I’m amazed at the whiplash I felt over it.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian has a release date, allegedly. I look forward to it with hesitation, and I’m already steeling myself for the death of the dog-bird.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

This game continues to look great, assuming this isn’t all pre-rendered and not actually representative of the final product. It’s interesting, because I don’t tend to go for these kinds of games, but Horizon has my attention simply because it has robo-dinosaurs, and we’re in an obvious post-apocalyptic state where the human race has reverted to being tribal once more. There are too many questions and I want to see them answered while riding a robo-wildebeast.

Yeah, Horizon: Zero Dawn. I look forward to seeing it early next year.


An intriguing premise going on here, with a murder mystery tied in with themes of artificial intelligence and possibly time travel. But at the same time, I have issues.

First of all, this looks like an entirely different game to the one we saw last time we saw Detroit. That had a female protagonist, this has a male, and I don’t see how they fit together outside of being androids. If it’s something like Channel 4’s Humans, where the robots are all living separate lives before coming together over the course of the series, weaving in questions on the nature of existence, I’m all for it.

But then we come to the second problem. This is a David Cage video game, or rather, interactive movie. This is a man who equates emotions with polygons, and removed plot elements from Heavy Rain for time constraints that explained some of the biggest plot issues of that game. So while the concept is interesting, I’m not excited. David Cage has to prove himself this time, and not get stuck up his own arse and thinking that rendering Ellen Page’s face in great detail is a substitute for the lack of gameplay or a coherent story.

Resident Evil 7

Okay, what? What the fresh hell? How? What? When did this happen?

So, yes, there were rumours that this would turn up, and would return the series to its horror roots. It’s certainly horror, only it seems to have returned to Silent Hill’s horror roots rather than its own. It looks like P.T. And I’m intrigued by it, but also baffled. This slow-paced, seemingly psychologically-driven title somehow exists in the same universe as the one where Chris Redfield punched a boulder and “you were almost a Jill Sandwich”.

Because, look guys, let’s be real here. Resident Evil has always been goofy. Tense and atmospheric, but goofy. It’s Romero-level stuff. It’s about being chased by a big angry dude who mutters “stars” to himself all the time before shooting him in the head at the end of the game while saying “I’ll give you stars”.

This is not that. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying it’s at odds with Resident Evil’s inherent goofiness. Does this mean I’m not interested? Hell no, this looks like some good old fashioned horror, and I’m on board.

At the time of writing, I’ve not played the demo that’s apparently going up this week, but I’ll certainly check it out and possibly do a Ferret’s First on it.


Lots of VR stuff that I don’t care about. Resident Evil 7 supports it, there was some space game called Farpoint, VR will be used in Star Wars Battlefront space battles, Batman’s going to be in VR somehow, and FF15 is getting a tacked-on lightgun game with VR.

Not really selling it to me, guys.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Anyway, Resident Evil 7 caused me to go into shock when its name came up, and surprisingly, so did this.

The trailer presents itself as some space battle game. You get into a ship, you fly off into a giant space battle, you eject and start taking down enemies in a spacesuit, then you blast open a control deck and violently decompress everyone inside.

And then it turned into warguns again, and I began to lose interest, but even with that, it still shocked me when it was revealed to be Infinite Warfare. At least you can’t say they’re being derivative again.

Crash Bandicoot


So, I hold my hands up and admit that I was wrong. I’ve had a lot of Crash Bandicoot rumours brought to my attention over the years thanks to fans of my PS All-Stars videos. I’ve been dismissing all of them as childish fantasy, the refuge of those too blinded by nostalgia goggles to see reality, and determining that they should let it go. Give up. We are never going to see Crash Bandicoot on a Sony E3 stage ever again.

Except we did, so don’t I look foolish.

Only it’s just remakes of the original titles and, of course, Crash is in Skylanders now. Oops.

So while I admit I was wrong on ever seeing Crash on a Sony stage again, I was very, very right that people weren’t going to get what they wanted. This is Crash’s fate. Skylanders and a tossed-out remake trilogy. And it’s HILARIOUS. It’s such a glorious letdown.

Lego Star Wars
I was vaguely aware of this but was still laughing so hard at the Crash stuff I wasn’t paying attention.

Death Stranding

Ladies and gentlemen, Hideo Kojima has entered the building.

And, uh…I have absolutely no idea what’s happening here. Norman Reedus is back from PT and he’s naked. And he’s given birth? On a beach? And now he’s crying while hugging his baby? That’s turned into oil? And there are whales? And it’s called Death Stranding?

Sure. I’ll take it. I think.


Oh, it’s a superhero game. I think I’ll pass.

Oh, Insomniac are making the superhero game? Well, I guess I’m now interested in a superhero game.

Also, the Insomniac logo accompanied with a voice that sounded a lot like James Arnold Taylor make me expect a new Ratchet & Clank surprisingly soon after the excellent reboot we just had. But Spiderman works too, I guess.

Sony knocked this out the park. A strong lineup, but backed with a confidence to let the games stand on their own two feet. There were no celebrity guests, no awkward interviews, no one standing on stage trying to hype us up into believing this game will cure cancer and make everyone fall in love with you.

No, this was a simple presentation. Boom, here’s a trailer. Boom, here’s another. Boom, have another one. And another. And occasional moments of explanation where explanation was needed. And the inevitable grand entrance of our Lord and Saviour, Kojima. Konami killed him, but he has risen from the ashes like a phoenix with Norman Reedus’ slightly odd face.

And it worked. My interest stayed up for the whole show. I lost a little interest in Infinite Warfare due to the obvious presence of warguns, but for the most part I was curious and left feeling like, yeah, there’s a lot to keep an eye on there. Excellent job, Sony.

Oh, and I’m going to be laughing about that Crash Bandicoot news for weeks. So that’s fun too.

And that was E3. There’s some live stream stuff with Nintendo and Square Enix, but I won’t be gluing myself to those because they’re on for a few days and I have stuff to do. But those were the key conferences, and we’ll see if any interesting developments emerge in the next week or so.

Let me know your opinions on the show, and let’s chat!

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  1. BitterKnave
    June 14, 2016 at 4:35 pm

    Agreed with pretty much everything except the new ghost recon, looks fun to me, also this is where I put my voice actor nerd hat on and point out the voice in the spiderman trailer was Yuri Lowenthal who was also the male voice in Sunset Overdrive.

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