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Chronological Game Challenge – Driver 2

October 15, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

A bit of a shorter one today. I honestly didn’t have a lot to say about Driver 2, in all honesty. But we’re almost at the end of 2000! Two more games left after this and then we’re in 2001!

Driver 2
Publisher: Infogrames | Developer: Reflections Interactive | Year: 2000
Original System: PlayStation
Played on: PS3 (original PS1 disc)

Goal: Beat all missions

Actual Outcome: Moved on somewhere in Cuba

Driver was a title about criminal driving set in various American cities that was ultimately kind of dull and has gone on to age very badly. It had a sequel though…and it too is kind of dull and has aged very badly. Oh.

Driver 2 has made some improvements over its predecessor. First of all, the story is more coherent and easier to follow. The acting is still ropey in every way, but at least now I can properly understand what Tanner is doing as an undercover cop, and at least he resembles a human being this time rather than a doll made from matchsticks.

The environments are also a major overhaul from the first game. While the first game often felt like you were driving past grey cubes forever, this second game has cities that feel like the cities they’re supposed to be. Chicago is a gritty, cool urban environment, and the shift to Havana feels like a shift to a poorer environment with Caribbean stylings and 50s muscle cars. It’s a huge improvement to the bland environments of the first game and contributes to the world and the story feeling more vibrant.

Problem is, the core gameplay has barely improved. While the car handling is still as fun as the first game, the mission types continue to revolve around a few core ideas, and generally the times they try and break away from it, it ends up more frustrating and annoying than anything you could classify as an improvement.

Driver 2 also tries to move into GTA’s territory by letting Tanner get out of the car and steal other cars you find. Great idea in theory, but awful in practice. Tanner looks like a stickman, and his animation is so stiff and silly it feels like an afterthought (it most likely was). It also barely adds to the gameplay, as most of the time it’s used to get out and push a designated button before returning to the car. There are no real on-foot sections and the ones that are there are short and/or fairly pointless. I mean, I accept that a game called Driver isn’t exactly going to focus on ways to move around that aren’t driving, but they added it and did nothing with it.

And that’s all I really have to say about Driver 2. It’s a boring, occasionally frustrating mess of a game that barely improves on its predecessor.

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