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Chronological Challenge Update – 18th January 2017

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Hello! It’s the second week of updates, and here’s how things are looking with my Chronological Challenge so far. And once again I’m putting it up later than I want to. Oops!

As always, possible spoilers for all the following games! (Beyond Good & Evil, Silent Hill 4, Final Fantasy X-2 & Pikmin 2)

Game 1 – Beyond Good & Evil
(Ubisoft, PS2 version, Released: November 2003)

I completed Beyond Good & Evil! Further proving how disappointingly short this game is, it’s only taken me a week to get 100% of the pearls, animal photos and MDisks that make up the game’s collectibles. Impressive!

Following on from my previous session, I stumbled my way through the Slaughterhouse, getting slightly annoyed at the stealth sections as I progressed. It got so frustrating that one area that had a tiny crawlspace led me to using that space to keep chucking attack discs at the collection of guards until I was able to get rid of all of them. Probably took me longer than just trying to sneak past but I didn’t want the stress anymore.

Then Jade’s home got destroyed and it got very sad for a moment until she realised that now she has access to a spaceship. So off we went, and the first port of call was, of course, the moon where her uncle and adopted children had been sent. Haha, wait, did I say first port of call? Sorry, I meant the second, after the optional volcano so I could collect the final pearls. They’re important, tackling a humanitarian crisis involving trafficking by aliens can wait.

Then I finally went into space and the Science Centre lady was completely disinterested in the fact that I sent her a picture of a goddamn space whale. Come on!

Then I breezed through the Moon, as this section features no optional collectibles, and is basically just a few rooms followed by two boss fights with save points in between. And then we did it, beating Beyond Good & Evil once again, but this time with everything collected.

I already gave some of my opinions on BG&E last week but finishing it up made me appreciate it a little more. It’s a really good adventure game with an interesting world and characters, sadly undone by the fact that everything feels a little unfinished.

But with that done, we have a new game occupying slot 1, which is…

Game 1 (again) – Silent Hill 4: The Room
(Konami, PS2, Released: June 2004)

Ooh boy. So, there have been numerous attempts on my part to attempt to beat this game, and already, only a few hours in, I’m beginning to see exactly why I never achieved that. Not because the game is particularly hard or anything, it’s just unbearably dull.

Let’s talk about the strengths of the first three Silent Hill games, shall we? Silent Hill, for all its faults, begins with a quiet, eerie walk through a town in search for a lost girl. Silent Hill 2 has a slow opening involving a man revisiting a location he associates with his deceased wife in his grief. Silent Hill 3 has the straightforward “I’ve been shopping, time to go home” opening that ultimately leads into a young woman meeting a strange man and then everything goes south, drawing from yet another legitimate fear that many, especially women, experience. All of them share the same trait – they start relatable, and the weird stuff gradually seeps in.

Meanwhile, Silent Hill 4 starts in a weird room where things are weird and then just goes through a greatest hits montage of potentially spooky places that feel disjointed and barely explored before you’re whisked off to the next spooky weird place. There’s no immediate connection with Henry, our bland protagonist, and there’s no connection to a real world fear to kick things off, and nothing really blends together very well.



In about an hour, I managed to get through the subway, the forest and the water prison areas with ease, bumbling my way around trying to figure out what the point is, and even though I do know from notes and such, it doesn’t help the feeling that this is a series of scenarios that were written separately and thrown together with no due care.

I’m going to stick with this though. If the speed at which I’ve moved through the game so far is an indication, then it probably won’t take long to get through, and I can at least pull this game off my unfinished pile.

Game 2 – Final Fantasy X-2
(Square Enix, PS2, Released: March 2003 in Japan)

It took some effort but I finally got all the chocobos I needed and completed possibly the most tedious quest in Final Fantasy X-2, and my reward for defeating a mega-easy boss was terrible chocobo puns (choco-boring, choco-bonding, etc.). Thanks, guys!

Or at least so I thought. After this I went to Djose Temple to defeat THE EXPERIMENT, which took about three turns to destroy and make the Al Bhed engineers cry. But wait! Now I have to gather machine parts in the desert so I can level up THE EXPERIMENT and turn it into an ultimate killing machine that I have to also destroy for reasons.

So much of the rest of my time has been spent endlessly combing the desert for hours because the game doesn’t want to give me any goddamn Defence Assemblies. Sigh.

And that’s honestly it for Final Fantasy X-2 this week. The biggest grinds of the game. Not really much to talk about. Which is unfortunate because there’s plenty I like about this game…but not these bits.

Game 3 – Pikmin 2
(Nintendo, Originally on Gamecube, playing Wii “New Play Control” version, Released: April 2004 in Japan)

I cleared the debt! After gathering all above-ground treasures in the Awakening Wood and Perplexing Pool, I cleared all but one of the caves in the former, and I’ve started on the latter with the Glutton’s Kitchen (the Citadel of Spiders had been previously cleared).

The Glutton’s Kitchen was probably my favourite cave so far, as it was mostly a child’s playset, with wooden blocks and toys marking the map boundary, and a toy train taking up a huge chunk of space on the second sublevel. I really enjoyed fighting the boss of this cave too, as it was a Breadbug that you defeat by dragging it to the ship and conking it on the head with your treasure beam.

Then I left the Glutton’s Kitchen and TA-DA the debt has been cleared, Louie’s gone missing and now The Hocotate President is following me around. Fun times.

Next up, I intend to clear out all of the Perplexing Pool caves plus one above-ground treasure I have yet to obtain (tucked away in the back pool I just opened, I assume).

Still having a lot of fun with Pikmin 2 and right now it’s my favourite of the bunch. I love Final Fantasy X-2, but being stuck on the grindiest of quests right now isn’t really helping its case too much.

And that’s it for this week! Next week I will hopefully have an entry up on Monday instead of Wednesday, and maybe we will have cleared Silent Hill 4 or advanced in Final Fantasy X-2. What have you all been playing? Any thoughts on my current games? Let me know down below!

  1. January 22, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Looks like you had a much more productive gaming week than I did 🙂 I still want to see a Beyond Good and Evil 2… Please Ubisoft, make it happen already!

    • January 23, 2017 at 7:58 pm

      I always try and make time for some gaming, even if it’s for about an hour or so a day. Which is pretty much why it’s taken me months to get through FFX-2! And I really hope that BG&E2 happens sooner rather than later too! Just as long as it doesn’t turn into a Ubisoft open world game with towers and too many collectibles, of course :p

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