This blog is a companion to Bob The Pet Ferret, a gaming YouTube channel that features entertaining walkthroughs of classic games I think are awesome, and with the intention of expansion in the future.

So that’s the YT channel, what about this blog? It’s a place for me to further discuss video games, whether it’s new games I’m playing, general articles and essays on the goings-on of the industry, or my ongoing attempts to clear my backlog. In fact, currently you’ll be seeing a lot of me offering up thoughts and comments on my game collection as I play through it in chronological order, and I hope you join me on this incredibly long journey.

Aside from video games, this is also a place where I intend to talk about my experiences overcoming social anxiety and depression, showing how I use my love of writing, gaming and other geeky activities to become a better person overall. These things will get pretty serious, but I’ll try not to bring the mood down too much! I intend on facing this stuff down with humour and enthusiasm, and this should come across in the posts.

I may also occasionally talk about other media, and may occasionally write posts on political topics (warning: I’m a scary lefty with strong beliefs about workers being paid fairly!), but these will be less frequent than the above.

If you’re discovering me for the first time and wondering where else to find me, I’m on YouTube (after all, this is a companion to my channel!), Twitter @TheCheapFerret, Patreon, and I also do a little bit of freelance writing whenever I can get the work (interested in hiring me? Email me at LHaydnPrice@hotmail.co.uk, and we can talk business – I do copywriting, blogs and articles, and I like to think I charge fairly)

So thank you for visiting this blog, and I hope you enjoy what you see.

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