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Review: Yooka-Laylee

April 18, 2017 Leave a comment

Publisher: Team 17
Developer: Playtonic Games
System(s): PC, PS4 [played on], Xbox One, Switch (coming soon)
Release Date: 11th April 2017

Disclosure: I was a Kickstarter backer for this title.

It’s been a while since its high-profile Kickstarter broke records, but Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor Yooka-Laylee is finally here. Reactions so far have been mixed, which was a concern for a Kickstarter backer such as myself, and while some criticism is deserved, it’s not all bad.

Yooka-Laylee has a simple premise. The nefarious corporate lackey Capital B (he’s a bee and he’s a capitalist!) is stealing the world’s books to try and obtain a specific magical book that will grant him power. However, the book’s pages have scattered through various worlds and it’s up to a plucky chameleon and his aggressively rude bat friend to save the day.

To achieve this, they play a game of Banjo-Kazooie with the level size dramatically increased and a new HD lick of paint. And I do mean that this game is literally Banjo-Kazooie, with moves, level structure, the hub world, and gameplay structure all largely cribbed from the developers’ previous 20-year-old project. There’s a slight bit of Conker’s Bad Fur Day in there as well, with humour such as a snake character named Trowzer (ask your parents). When the former Rare staff said they really wanted to make Banjo-Kazooie again, they weren’t kidding.

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BTPF’s Games of 2016!

January 3, 2017 1 comment

2016 is dead, long live 2017! And what a year it’s been for games, and by that I mean it’s been a bit of a weird one. Most of the games that I was excited for ended up shoved into 2017 and the year continued the trend that 2015 started where most of the big AAA releases elicited a general sense of indifference from me, but there’s still been some interesting stuff out there.

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Ten Spooky Games For Halloween

October 31, 2016 Leave a comment

It’s the most terrible time of the year, when spooks and ghouls and beasties roam the earth looking to scare poor unsuspecting people. And also beg them for sweets.

If this is too stressful, it might perhaps be best to stay in and play some appropriate video games to celebrate the most spine-tingling of holidays. But what do you play?

That’s what I’m here for, dear reader. I have picked ten of the best, most appropriate video games to play on Halloween, and I have ranked them in order of spookiness on a scale of plastic skeleton bought from a pound shop up to demonic hellbeast intent on severing your soul from your body in the most violent manner possible.

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The Ferret Talks Gaming: Screwup-on-Screwup Action

May 31, 2016 Leave a comment

“Make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night”

This was seemingly the moment when everyone who’d put money into Mighty No. 9’s Kickstarter suddenly started requesting their money back. The latest trailer, a final announcement leading up to the game’s long-awaited release, hasn’t exactly been well-received.

Then again, this could describe the game’s entire development cycle. Delay after delay, clashes between the community and the community manager, Inafune trying to Kickstart ANOTHER game before the first one was even finished, and a general sense that the game simply isn’t living up to its promises in either the graphics or gameplay departments. It’s not been going well. And now this trailer comes along and continues the train of upset.

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