PSASBR Remastered FAQ

Hello! I sometimes get asked questions about my PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale History series, so I decided it was time to set up a formal FAQ so I don’t feel like I’m repeating myself all the time!

What is PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale History?

A series detailing the origins of every character and stage in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony’s PS3-based answer to Super Smash Bros. That’s it. It’s a thing I did due to excitement about the game on its release, and it’s proven fairly popular in my small circle of the Internet.

What’s this “Remastered” business?

So, the original run wasn’t the best. At the time I was unable to make games in full HD due to slow Internet and outdated editing software, despite the fact that all the original footage was recorded in full HD. On top of that, an error on my part with the initial Sackboy video where I didn’t cover things like intro animations and costumes led to me leaving all that out for the most part across the whole series…which people frequently complained about.

So, to rectify this, I’m going back to the original projects, boosting everything up to full HD as it should be, and adding bits and pieces to fill in what I missed the first time around.

Also, it allows me to replace the GODAWFUL Gravity Rush footage I recorded by pointing a crap old camcorder at a PlayStation Vita with proper footage recorded from the PS4 Remaster that got released early last year.

Oh, and I’m calling them “remasters” as a joke at Sony’s expense for endlessly releasing remastered versions of their back catalogue and acting like they’re new games. It’s thematically appropriate.

Will every video be remastered?

Yes. Every video that I originally made will be remastered.

How often will they be released?

Can’t give concrete dates, but I can give you my personal timetable, which consists of two-week deadlines, so roughly every two weeks is my possible schedule. Some videos will take longer (I have to edit down a bunch of Gravity Rush footage, so Kat’s getting slowed down) and some will take less than two weeks (stages will pretty just be bumped to HD and re-exported for the most part), but that fortnightly schedule should keep me focused on completing the project.

Will the remasters be released in the order of the original series?

Mostly yes.



What does that mean?

There may be a few videos that will be released closer to the order I planned when I started the series, which got shuffled around for various reason, but overall, 92% of the videos will be in the same order.

What happened to your planned extras/costume videos?

This replaces that, as I feel it’s better to have all that in the same video rather than tossed off into some side thing. All extras such as costumes will now be in the remasters.

What’s happening with Zeus?

I didn’t make the original video, so this will not be remastered unless DigitalMadHouse decides to independently improve his original video. Please note that this video IS the official Zeus video, and is included on the playlist for that reason. I have no interest in making this myself.

Any plans to do rivals or minions?
No. Honestly, I can’t see a way to make either of these videos interesting. Sorry.

Can I offer up suggestions of things you missed?

Absolutely! It would be a huge help, in fact. Leave a comment on the original video and I’ll make a note of it when piecing things together for that video’s remaster. However, please check that your suggestion hasn’t already been noted by someone else. I know Ratchet has an intro based on his US box art. You don’t need to inform me of this.

Can I criticise your voice?

No. Be constructive.

Can I critically analyse your editing/writing skills and offer suggestions for improvement?

Yes. This is constructive and I’m willing to listen.

Can I make endless “lol sony smash clone” comments?

You can, but expect it to disappear into the void. Which brings me to my next point.

I just posted a comment on one of the remasters and it hasn’t shown up! What gives?

It’s okay! I’ve turned on comment moderation for these videos. If your comment hasn’t shown up, I either haven’t gotten around to approving it just yet (wait a day or so, and I’ll most likely have approved it by then), or I quietly got rid of it. Generally, it should be the former, not the latter, but already the latter has happened to a couple of comments.

Can I add you on PSN?

I would be interested in playing more games with people but I’d rather you sent me a message asking me about games you’d potentially like to play (YouTube is your best bet here) before you add me. I have a tendency to deny all blank friend requests. This also goes for Steam or Wii U friend code type deals (I don’t have a Switch nor do I see myself getting one for the forseeable future).

Also, it might be worth checking my Backloggery for games I own before you ask me if I wanna play Call of Duty or something (I don’t own a single game in that series so you wouldn’t get very far!).

Can I be your friend?

I am happy to chat with viewers about games and other lovely things, and possibly friendships can develop out of that (I dated someone I met on YouTube for several years and she did the PSASBR artwork!), but please don’t point blank ask me to be your friend. It weirds me out.

Would you ever do any other crossover games?

I’m not ruling out the possibility, but right now, no. If you need specifics on my reasons, here you go!

Super Smash Bros: Would absolutely be up for this if Nintendo weren’t incredibly strict on ContentID, and if so much of it didn’t rely on recording handhelds that would be tricky to get around. Maybe one day, but not at present.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Also not against the idea but sadly I would only be able to usefully cover one side of the roster. I’m not much of a comics fan, or indeed superhero media, so my ability to cover the Marvel side of the roster would be non-existent. Plus I looked up how many Captain America comics there are and hoo boy I am not going down that rabbit hole for the sake of some videos.

Project x Zone: Suffers from three issues. 1) The same handheld problem Smash Bros faces. 2) A lot of obscure Japanese characters that I know nothing about and would be difficult to research and obtain. 3) I know literally nothing about Project x Zone besides it being a crossover!

Would you cover a PSASBR2 in the same way?

Absolutely! New characters would get new videos, but returning characters would probably be bundled into a compilation video discussing changes from the original game. But of course, that’s assuming it’ll ever happen, which I doubt. Sadly.

I love your videos!

Thank you!

This is not a question, however :p

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